CCTV Systems

UPSL provides and installs CCTV systems to fulfill client’s unique surveillance requirements at a competitive price Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV) use video cameras to transmit signals to a specific place, usually to monitors. CCTV systems are very effective and offer a higher detailed image than analog systems and have several benefits:

  • CCTV can provide valuable evidence to authorities in the event of a robbery or attack
  • Can deter criminals from acting
  • Can deter and detect employee theft
  • Inspires confidence amongst customers and employees because it helps create a safe environment
  • Works in conjuncture with electronic alarm systems

Alarm Systems

Starter Security Package Premium Security Package
Zones 8 16
Key Pads 1 2
Vibration Sensors 6 12
Door Contacts 2 4
Inside Motion Sensors
Outside Motion Sensors
Inside Siren
Outside Siren
Wireless Remote
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Additional Devices

Glass BreakerGlass breaker
Large expanses of glass are particular vulnerable to forced entry. This sensor can detect breaking glass.

Panic ButtonPanic button
In the event that you need emergency assistance, this easily mounted device can alert UPSL when activated.

Wireless GSMWireless GSM Communicator
No landline? No problem! We offer wireless gsm communicators which makes 24 monitoring just as effective as using a landline.

Smoke DetectorSmoke Detectors
Can detect the presence of smoke indicating a fire. This gives UPSL the signal to alert clients and medical personnel.